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Time Controlled Softeners up to 4 m3/h Series ECB/FA5


Time Controlled Softeners are water softenersused in order to remove the total hardness of the water and to produce the so-called soft water. This is achieved by passing the water through ion-exchange resin bed, which exchanges the ions of Calcium and Magnesium with Sodium. When the resin becomes saturated, it is regenerated by means of salt solution (Sodium Chloride – brine).
The product water – free of hardness – does not cause salt scalings and the entire equipment that uses this water is thus protected.



  •  Feed water for boilers or cooling towers
  • Total hardness reduction in water for general use running through distributing networks (industries, hotels, hospitals, buildings, residences, etc)
  • Any application which requires soft water


  • Fully automated operation / possibility for manual regeneration according to the user’s will
  • Automation operates on low voltage (24 Volt) for the personnel’s protection
  • Minor pressure drop
  • Minimum maintenance cost
  • Fiber glass resin tank, of high endurance against corrosion
  • Selection of the day and time of regeneration
  • Brine tank fully equipped for the protection of the softener from the air
Model Operating Capacity
Maximum flow
Brine tank
ECB10/FA5 65 1,0 100
ECB15/FA5 90 1,8 100
ECB20/FA5 130 2,4 100
ECB25/FA5 160 3,0 100
ECB30/FA5 200 3,3 100
ECB40/FA5 260 3,5 150
ECB50/FA5 350 3,5 150
ECB60/FA5 400 4,0 150
ECB80/FA5 600 4,0 200
ECB100/FA5 750 4,0 200

There is the possibility to offer resin tank from steel, with PE coating, instead of fiber glass (series ECB/FA5P).