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Chlorination is widely used for water disinfection, as a common practice, from all Water Works in Greece and all over the world.

Chlorinators operate by using commercial sodium hypochlorite (commercial bleach), which is a liquid and therefore the addition in the water stream is easy, mainly automatic.

The necessary chlorinator concerns on a small pump (dosing pump), which adds the commercial bleach dro by drop, at the required quantity, as well as a small tank for the solution. The dosing pumps of the chlorinators operate with electric power (schuko plug) and the power consumption is negligible.

For bigger installations of chlorinators, for example the potable water storage tank of a village or a town, it is possible to install additional chlorinator equipment, like a water recirculation pump or a free chlorine analyzer, which measures the available chlorine in water.

Indicative applications are :

  • Potable water disinfection

  • Oxidation of undesirable matter

  • Sewage or waste water treatment