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Reverse Osmosis

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System 350m3/day

Reverse Osmosis(Desalination)

Reverse osmosis(desalination) is a water treatment process, that forces water through an extremely fine semi-permeable membrane, to remove dissolved solids. TEMAK offers a wide range of pre-fabricated Reverse Osmosis (desalination) plants, for both brackish or sea water desalination, in order to produce high quality potable or industrial water. High purity water can be produced as well by means of double pass desalination (reverse osmosis) method. At the design of each reverse osmosis (desalination) system we focus on using the most appropriate raw materials, especially for sea water desalination (reverse osmosis) plants, in order to reduce the down-time of the system. Since energy consumption is very essential for sea water desalination we can offer integrated solutions with built in energy recovery system. Our Reverse Osmosis Desalination systems, designed from our experts and manufactured in our production line, are using state of the art equipment in order to provide


  • High quality water at minimum production cost

  • Minimize the frequency of chemical cleaning

  • Stable and trouble free operation

  • Flexibility for the design, from our standard production programme to tailor-made, turn-key solutions

All reverse osmosis (desalination) systems can be delivered completely pre-fabricated, inside one or more containers.