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Removing dissolved solids from water is a common practice. In most cases, the alkalinity and the dissolved solids, that the raw water contains, can damage the equipment, so it is necessary to reduce the dissolved solids in the process water.

The dissolved solids can be removed by means of ion exchange resins, producing pure water called “de-ionized” or “demineralized” water.

TEMAK can offer a complete programme of raw water demineralization by ion exchange resins. Each installation consists of two columns. The first column contains cation exchange resin, while the next, second, column contains anion exchange resin. When the system is exhausted the cation resin is regenerated with hydrochloric acid and, next, the anion resin is regenerated with caustic soda solution.

The plant operation could be fully automatic, or semi-automatic with manual start-up of the regeneration process.