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Steam Boilers – Hot Water Systems Chemicals

Steam Boiler...Steam boiler water conditioning is common practice in order to reduce the problems related to water quality.

  • Hard deposits (scaling), due to residual hardness of feed water.
  • Boiler corrosion, due to dissolved oxygen in feed water.
  • Corrosion in steam/condensate pipes, due to carbon dioxide produced from alkalinity conversion inside the boiler.


In order to reduce these problems, TEMAK SA offers a complete programme of special blends.

  • B-FINE 1001. Chemical additive with antiscaling and dispersing properties.
  • B-FINE 2001. Chemical additive for elimination of dissolved oxygen.
  • B-FINE 2004. Chemical additive for neutralization of carbon dioxide in steam/condensate pipe lines.
  • B-FINE 2100. Special blend with antiscaling, dispersing and dissolved oxygen elimination.
  • B-FINE 1120. Chemical Additive to Regulate the Water’s Alkalinity, in Boilers of Low and Medium Pressure
  • B-FINE 1150. Dispersant Chemical Additive for Low and Medium Pressure Steam Boilers


Additional information can be found in the following bulletins :



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