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TEMAK - Proj...

TEMAK - Proj...Proper Water Treatment Solutions lead to Efficiency & Economy

In every industry, water is a key element and has many uses in all industry sectors. Particularly in industries for food, beverage, metal, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and electrical(power plants), water is a key factor, as in addition to its other applications, it serves as a product ingredient. It is also a fact that a large quantity of water is required to cover the needs of an industry at all stages of production process.
The high demand on both quantity and specific water quality that industries require, are covered by either private or public bodies. Typically, the water used by industries comes from ground or surface water, desalination of brackish or seawater (private investment), or from water networks through municipal water utilities.
Adequate water resources are paramount and water treatment systems designed and supplied by TEMAK provide solutions regarding water quantity and quality for every industry.
“The proper design and selection of water treatment systems and hydraulic equipment ensures high performance with Safe and Optimal operation”.

Solutions and applications for the Industrial Sector

Industry Softening Deionization Electrodeionization Reverse Osmosis Filter (Bag – Cartridges) Filters (Turbidity Filter – Activated Carbon) Dosing System – Instruments UV-OZON Chemicals for Boilers Chemicals for Cooling Towers
Food & Beverage – Water Bottle * * * * * * * * * *
Textile & Paint * * * * * * * *
Paper * * * * * *
Chemicals * * * * * * *
Metal – Αluminum * * * * * * * *
Pharmaceuticals – Cosmetics * * * * * * * * * *
Electronics – Photovoltaics * * * * *

TEMAK - Proj...Benefits of cooperating with TEMAK

  • Excellent water quality in the boiler room and high quality steam production

  • Excellent water quality in cooling systems and smooth operation of them

  • High quality water in the production line and in the other consumptions of the company

  • Lower energy costs due to the reduction of blowdown in boilers or cooling towers

  • High degree of automation

  • Excellent condition of networks and circuits resulting in longer life-cycle of fittings and pipes

  • Utilization of drilling water and waste water for cost reduce and saving water

  • Monitoring of water treatment system operation through maintenance contracts

  • Opportunity of leasing our systems

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Proper Water Treatment Solutions lead to Efficiency & Economy


Filtration is a method that ensures that turbidity, suspended solids and other pollutants are removed from water. TEMAK’s automatic filtration systems offer a direct solution to the cases when turbidity, iron, manganese and organic substances need to be removed. Filter types are available for all hourly water capacities.


Bag Filters

Cartridge Fi...

Cartridge Filters

Turbidity Fi...

Turbidity Filters

TEMAK softening systems remove the total hardness of water (calcium and magnesium salts) by providing «soft» industrial water, protecting hydraulic equipment installations, steam networks and cooling circuits from hardness salt deposits. A complete range of automatic softeners is available for every daily capacity.

Time Based S...

Time Based Setup

Volumetric S...

Volumetric Setup

Twin Softeni...

Twin Softening System

Ultrafiltration (UF)
Ultra-filtration is one of the most modern methods of water treatment with special membranes, which is applied to specific requirements for removal of turbidity and suspended solids, bacteria, organic, high molecular weight proteins, etc.



Εlectrodeionization (EDI)

Water used in certain sectors of the industry, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electricity production, has very strict quality standards for ultrapure or deionized water (< 0.1 µS/cm).



Desalination of Water by the Reverse Osmosis Method
TEMAK provides integrated solutions for the desalination of brackish and seawater, as a result of its long experience, its successful applications, the large number of satisfied customers and its specialized and well-trained personnel. TEMAK systems produce water of high quality with special specifications so that it can be used for various applications and processes (in the sectors of food, pharmaceuticals, metals, chemical and petroleum industries, energy production, etc.), in cooling and heating applications, steam generation, etc. Each case is studied and designed separately based on the quality and quantity of raw water, for any desired daily production and pre-specified quality. Salts, microorganisms, organic substances, odors, chlorine, particles, ammonia, iron, manganese, arsenic, and other harmful elements are removed from water. TEMAK water treatment systems are complete, portable, reliable, state-of-the-art, equipped and tested.

Brackish Wat...

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System 30 m3 /day

Brackish Wat...

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System 700 m3 /day

Sea Water Re...

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System 350 m3 /day


TEMAK deionizers are used for total ion removal from treated water. Thus, product water is characterized by very low conductivity. Water is driven through two columns of ion-exchange resins or one column with mix-bed resins. As product water contains no salt, it also meets the requirements to be used in the following equipment. A full range of automatic deionizers as well as mixed-bed deionizers, covering every required capacity and all areas of application.

Deionizing S...

Deionizing Systems

UV – OZONE Dosing Instruments

TEMAK has products for water quality control such as pH, conductivity, residual chlorine, redox potential, turbidity, etc. dosing systems as well as solutions to some applications with ozone disinfection systems.

Metering Con...

Metering Controlers & Dosing Pumps

Ultra Violet...

Ultra Violet Disinfection System

Hydraulic Equipment

TEMAK is specialized in selecting and implementing various components of a hydraulic network, while at the same time has developed partnerships with the most important international brands for import and distribution of products in the Greek market

  • Stream traps
  • Ball valves
  • Safety valves
  • Heat exchanger
  • Boiler equipment

Valves with ...

Valves with Pneumatic & Electric Actuator

Steam Equipment

Steam Equipment

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Safety Valve

Safety Valve


TEMAK, having the knowledge and experience, supplies water treatment chemical additives for the optimal operation of boilers and cooling towers. The main reasons for the chemical treatment of water that enters and circulates cooling towers and boilers are the maintenance of high performance units and the protection of equipment against problems such as clearing, settling, corrosion and growth of microorganisms. TEMAK’s chemical additives C-Fine and B-Fine provide solutions to these problems.

Chemical Add...Chemical Add...