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Public Utility Organizations

(Public Power Corporation – Supply and Sewerage Company – Telecommunications Organization)

Excellent water quality is inextricably linked to life quality. Therefore, water treatment is considered necessary for the Supply and Sewerage Company’s units as it daily provides general use water in many consumers. Moreover, the demand of high quality water for Public Power Corporation and Telecommunication Organizations makes water treatment vital for their proper operation. TEMAK, as a company with many years of experience in design and manufacturing of water treatment systems, provides the best solutions to the needs of each Supply and Sewerage Company, Public Power Corporation and Telecommunications Organization. The offered solutions of TEMAK Company include, among others:
  • Brackish and Sea water desalination plants (single and double pass)
  • Portable desalination plants (single and double pass)
  • Deionizers and electro ionizers
  • Mixed bed deionizers
  • Filtration units
  • Chlorination-disinfection
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Chemical additives