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Passenger ships

Passenger ships accommodate a large number of people and workers. Therefore they need autonomous water treatment systems in order to treat seawater and produce drinking water, water for use in the engine room and water for general use (kitchen, etc.).

The main water treatment systems are reverse osmosis desalination which works even when the ship is not in operation providing guaranteed water quality. The main advantage is that through this method, drinking water, water for general uses of the ship and water for the engine room can be produced with the proper design of the system.

The use of desalination systems is now internationally recognized as the best solution to the problems associated with the lack of drinking water on ships. In case the ship is supplied with drinking water from the respective port, filtration systems are required (turbidity filters, bag and cartridge filters) as well as disinfection systems without chemicals (ultraviolet devices). Safety in steam networks and in general in high pressure and high temperature networks is achieved through the offered items of TEMAK, such as valves, pneumatic and electric motors, evaporators, heat exchangers, safety and regulating valves, pressure reducers, thermostatic valves, thermostatic valves, controls and automation.