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TEMAK - Proj...

TEMAK - Proj...We ensure the maximum efficiency of this investment and the proper operation of the desalination systems as your ideal partner.

The constant availability of drinking water and water for general uses is the basic concern for passenger ships, tankers and general cargo ships. “The use of desalination units is internationally recognized as the optimum solution to deal with problems related to the drinking water deficiency on the ships.”

Solutions and applications for the Marine Industry sector

Marine Industry Softening Reverse Osmosis Filter (Bag – Cartridges) Filters (Turbidity Filter – Activated Carbon) Dosing System – Instruments UV-OZON Chemicals for Boilers
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TEMAK - Proj...Advantages of cooperating with TEMAK

  • Delivery of ordered equipment at every place of the world (wherever the ship is going to be)

  • Integrated and up-to-date solutions for ship requirements

  • Materials, components and spare parts availability

  • Experience and technical knowledge (know-how)

  • Installation and operation

  • Maximum profit for your company through the relation result/price

  • Quality of solution design and construction materials

  • Scientific support which includes design, study, creating specifications, construction, installation and operation

  • Suggestions of improvement of existing fluid control equipment

  • Verified equipment which is constructed based on ISO9001/2008, ISO 14001/2004 and OHSAS 18001/2007 standards

  • Protection from malfunction and degeneration at hydraulic installations and piping

  • Cost decrease due to reduced consumption of general waste and water bottles

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We ensure the maximum efficiency of this investment and the proper operation of the desalination systems as your ideal partner.


Desalination is achieved under reverse osmosis process. These systems are necessary for every ship in order to achieve the production of drinking water for the employees, kitchen requirements etc. Advantages of using reverse osmosis systems as desalination units are presented below:

  • Ιt operates even if the ship is out of duty
  • The units are designed and manufactured according to the available spaces on board
  • The equipment selection and its construction is such that the training of the personnel is simple and the equipment maintenance is easy and fast
  • Upgradeable designs
  • The achieved water quality is guaranteed
  • Low operation cost

Sea Water Re...

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Unit of 2.4 m3/day

Sea Water Re...

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Unit of 22 m3/day

Sea Water Re...

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Unit of 57.6 m3/day

  • Chlorination of the water within the tank with simultaneous recirculation, through the automatic control of chlorine dosing in order to achieve the desired amount of free chlorine
  • Chlorination of water network. Fully-automatic dosing systems are installed on the piping in order to inject the proper dose of chlorine in the running water
  • Ultraviolet radiation
  • High quality UV-filters suitable for water disinfection at central water supply or before final use

Automatic Ch...

Automatic Chlorination System

Ultra Violet...

Ultra Violet Disinfection System


TEMAK uses various types of filters for suspended solids, organic load, chlorine and odor removal which are usually installed after existing reverse osmosis units, which produce fresh water (e.g. evaporators). The equipment operates manually or automatically and it can be used as independent unit or part of pretreatment stage of another main water treatment.

Cartridge Fi...

Cartridge Filters

Automatic Tu...

Automatic Turbidity Filter

Fluid equipment networks

TEMAK has created strategic cooperation with international leading manufacturers in fluid control equipment sector, having the access to reliable equipment of high quality, providing technical support from specialized personnel and offering competitive prices.

The safety of steam networks and generally high pressure and high temperature networks is ensured through TEMAK offered equipment such as valves, pneumatic or electric motors, evaporators, heat exchangers, safety and regulating valves, pressure reducers, thermostatic valves, steam traps, filters Y, controlling instruments and automation.

Valves with ...

Valves with pneumatic motor

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Safety Valve

Safety valve

Pneumatic mo...

Pneumatic motors and activators