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Safety Valves / Rapture DisksSafety Valve

TEMAK can offer safety valves for liquids, steam, or other gases, spring loaded or counter-weight, applied for pressure up to 700 bar and temperature up to 600 °C, according to DIN, ASME, ANSI or API526. Additionally TEMAK can offer, as an alternative, rapture disks, which can be used in most industries. Safety valves ar rapture disks applied, for example, at industrial saturated or superheated steam networks, power plants, vessels, etc. For petrochemical applications TEMAK can offer special type safety valves, aprooved by American Petroleum Industry (API526). Small threaded safety valves can be offered, for “small” applications with stainless steel body, Usual applications are
  • Steam boilers
  • Steam and condensates networks
  • Air pressure vessels
  • Marine applications
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Food industry (for hygienic type)
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