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TEMAK SA offers Integrated and Responsible Solutions that contribute to customer growth and profitability. We have a full range of water treatment systems for production of potable, industrial and all water uses, production of water with special specifications from a small filter up to systems involving stages such as pretreatment, main treatment, post treatment etc for large productions and specialized requirements. Water is a major asset for human existence and development and therefore for the operation and development of industries, hotels, municipalities, Public Enterprises, residences etc. Surface and groundwater which are available and suitable for use are constantly declining due to increasing use reckless waste, as well as due to their contamination by pesticides and municipal or industrial waste.

Water Uses

  • General Purpose Water
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Cooling Towers Feed Water
  • Artificial Kidney Units
  • Water for Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Electricity Power Stations

Potable Water

  • Pure Potable Water
  • Provision of Water Treatment Services
  • ΤΕΜΑΚ Water Kiosks

Chemical Additives

  • Water and Steam Boiler Chemicals
  • Chemicals of Cooling Recirculation Systems
  • Chemicals for Desalination Plants with Reverse Osmosis