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Camps & Camping

Water treatment in camps & campings is a major issue, as it upgrades their services and reduces their operating costs.

In particular, the use of excellent water quality reduces detergents’ and cleaners’ consumption, minimizes energy consumption in water heating systems and reduces damages to:

  • piping,
  • electrical appliances,
  • sanitary ware,
  • resistances in water heaters,
  • hot water boilers,and
  • dishwasher and washing machine nozzles,

contributing to device longevity.

TEMAK, having as priority to provide high quality water to its customers, offers complete water treatment solutions even for the most demanding application. Each case is studied and designed separately based on the quality of the available water and taking into account the desired daily water production. Our product range includes, among others:

  • Reverse osmosis of sea and brackish water
  • Water filters
  • Softening systems
  • Chlorination-Disinfection Systems
  • Pool Equipment