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Cruise ships are in great need of drinking water because they accommodate a large number of tourists who stay in it and permanent employees.

Due to the human habitation in cruise ships, large quantities of water are required for consumption, cooking, general uses, filling the pools as well as for the engine room. Therefore, reverse osmosis systems ensure sufficient water for all uses and autonomy of the ship. Moreover, local cartridge filters remove from water any particles that dissolve from the path of water in the pipes.

In addition, chemical-free disinfection systems (UV devices) provide water suitable for human consumption, while chlorine metering systems control pool water quality.

Finally, as in any other type of ships, safety in steam networks and in general in high pressure and high temperature networks is achieved through the offered items of TEMAK, such as valves, pneumatic and electric motors, evaporators, heat exchangers, safety and regulating valves, pressure reducers, thermostatic valves, thermostatic valves, controls and automation.