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Water Treatment and Desalination Systems

TEMAK studies, designs, manufactures, installs and supports Water Treatment Systems & Desalination Systems offering integrated and reliable solutions for various market applications, such as Sea & Brackish Water Desalination Plants, Water Treatment Systems for potable use, renal dialysis units, boilers & cooling systems, power plants, food & beverage industry, steel mills, pulp & paper, photovoltaic, semiconductor, pharmaceutical industry, as well as Ultra-Pure water for labs and water makers for shipping.

TEMAK not only produces standardized units, but also designs custom-made solutions for its clients. All TEMAK systems can be additionally provided in mobile units, containerized or onboard vehicles.

We can offer a complete production programme for potable or industrial water treatment, from a single small water filter to complete, prefabricated, containerized, turn-key solutions for:

Industrial Sector
Marine Industry
Public Sector
Agricultural Sector & Fish Farming
Hemodialysis Centers & Hospitals
Tourism Sector (HO.RE.CA.)
Power Plants
Housing Complexes & Residence