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Brackish WaterWater Treatm...

Brackish well water desalination is used to produce good quality water. TEMAK can offer a wide range of brackish water reverse osmosis desalination systems. Customer can select from small brackish water systems for household purposes, to systems with production capacity up to 1,248 cubic meters per day. Higher capacity plants can be designed and manufactured upon request.

Skid mounted

Our production programme includes skid mounted, fully pre-fabricated and tested complete systems, with pre-treatment of raw water, reverse osmosis desalination, and (if necessary) post-treatment by means of mixing with raw water.

Containerized Systems

Containerized Systems (one or more) can be delivered pre-fabricated, fully tested depending on the size of the brackish water reverse osmosis desalination systems. The container becomes in essence the room for the water treatment that includes the following features :

Water Treatm...

  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound proof
  • Fully automatic
  • Ventilation
  • Illumination
  • Air conditioning

The main advantages of a containerized system are :

  • Mobility – The containerized water treatment system may be used to treat water at different locations, for example in a construction site or a camp.
  • Reduction of civil work – Will not require a room or space for the system.
  • The system is readily fabricated and tested – Almost plug and play.
  • Capable of withstanding harsh environment and very hot condition – Suitable for the hot Gulf area, Desert or Mediterranean countries.

TEMAK SA has excellent experience, having executed a lot of successful projects in containers, both in the Greek and the International market.