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Sea Water Desalination with Energy Recovery up to 1000 m3/d


Sea Water De...

Sea water desalination utilizes a lot of energy due to the very large high pressure pump required to drive the water with high concentration of salts through the membranes. A solution to reduce overall energy consumption of the system and essentialy reduce the cost of the produced water, by almost 50%, are Energy Recovery Systems. TEMAK has excellent experience in energy recovery systems due to the requirement for sea water desalination in Greece, Gulf and Middle East.

TEMAK offers solutions with two types of Energy Recovery Systems

Sea Water De...

  • HP – Hydraulic pressure booster recovery system (low energy consumption)
  • PX – Pressure Exchanger System (extra low energy consumption)


Removal of the total dissolved solids from sea water for high quality water production and reduced energy consumption.


  • Water production for domestic, industrial, hotel use, …
  • General uses and potable water production using water.
  • Feed water for boilers and cooling towers.


All systems with energy recovery, greatly reduce the energy wasted, protecting the environment.


The excellent design and the carefully selected construction materials, ensure:

  • Low operational cost.
  • Unobstructed-smooth operation.
  • Νο interruptions for frequent chemical cleanings.
  • Fully automated operation.
  • Μinimum personnel occupation.
  • Long life-high efficiency of the membranes.
  • High safety degree, early notice of possible malfunctions, excellent system protection.
  • Excellent product water quality.

The low energy consumption at the high pressure stage is obtained by a high performance energy recovery system.

Turn key containerized systems are available on request.

Containerize...  Containerize...TCON300PX55

Model Product flow rate m3/day Recovery % Feed voltage (V)
TSW324HP 381 42 380
TSW332HP 509 42 380
TSW340HP 636 44 380
TSW348HP 763 42 380
TSW356HP 890 42 380
TSW364HP 1021 44 380
TSW38PX 127 42 380
TSW310PX 153 242 380
TSW314PX 11 42 380
TSW316PX 262 42 380
TSW324PX 381 42 380
TSW332PX 509 42 380
TSW340PX 636 42 380
TSW348PX 763 42 380
TSW356PX 890 42 380
TSW364PX 1021 44 380