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Deionizers over 16 m3/h

TEMAK SA can offer complete deionization plants (deionizers) with resins, for any capacity required.

The deionizers’ operation and regeneration of ion exchange resins could be either co-flow or counter-flow, depending on the design and customer’s specification. Deionizers’ design includes the feasibility of carbon dioxide stripper or automatic neutralization of waste water of regeneration, as well as any other feature may be necessary for the automatic operation of the deionizer.

The operation of the deionizer can be fully automatic, based on a modern PLC with personal computer with SCADA system.

In case ultra-pure water is required with specific conductivity of 0,055 μS/cm (specific resistivity 18,2 MΩ), a mixed bed filter or a continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) system can be installed after the deionizer.

The Technical Department together with the Sales Support Department of TEMAK can design complete, taylor-made, turn-key solutions for any requirement.