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Bag Filters

Bag Filters


Bag filters are used for water filtration in order to remove the suspended solids and the elements responsible for the water turbidity in general. This is achieved by the water flow through a bag of suitable porosity.

The filtrated water is suitable for use or further treatment, free of suspended solids.


  • Filtration of water for general uses and potable water for all kinds of applications
  • Reverse osmosis pretreatment (small systems)


The production programme is complete, covering capacities up to 20 m3/h.

The bag vessel can be constructed from PVC, PP or steel, either galvanized or externally painted. A stainless steel version is available as well.

Bags are made of polypropylene and can be selected from range 1 μm up to 100 μm.

Model Flow m3/h* Vessel Meterial Working pressure (bar)
EUEF2 10 PVC 6
EUEF5 15 Steel 6
EUEF6 15 PVC 4
EUEFG5 20 Galvanized steel 6
EUEFG5P 20 Steel, painted 6
EUEFG7 20 Galvanized steel 16
EUEFG7P 20 Steel, painted 16
EUEFG8 20 Stainless steel 304 6
FI150356 10 Polypropylene 6