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Household Brackish Water Desalination

Household Br...


Removal of the small particles, chlorine, odor & organics from brackish water for high quality potable water production.


  • Water production for domestic, schools, hotel use, …
  • General uses and potable water production using brackish water.


The excellent design and the carefully selected construction materials, ensure:

  • Unobstructed-smooth operation
  • Νο interruptions for chemical cleaning.
  • Fully automated operation.
  • Μinimum personnel occupation.
  • Long life-high efficiency of the membranes.
  • High safety degree, early notice of possible malfunctions, excellent system protection.
  • Low operational cost.
  • Excellent product water quality.
Model Product flow rate litters/day Operating pressure bar Active carbon UV-lamp Feed voltage (V)
ROTBW0AN 60-300 3-8
HOME RO-UV 6S 60-300 3-8 1 1