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Should we take it for granted?

Water, along with air and sun, is the key factor in life . . .


TEMAK is a Greek company operating in the water treatment and fluid control equipment market.

Since 1980, TEMAK has built an excellent reputation in the Greek market, by fulfilling its MISSION to supply:

  • Water Treatment Systems and Solutions of the highest quality, both in Greece and abroad.
  • Fluid Control Equipment & Solutions of the highest quality, achieving one of the highest positions in the Market.

TEMAK contributes to Greece’s economic growth improving quality of life in an environmentally friendly way.

Its success is achieved by working every day towards its VISION and AIMS which are:

  • To be the ideal partner for our customers, providing them with the best solutions.
  • To offer TEMAK’s employees the opportunity to be improved professionally by providing excellent training and a harmonious working environment hence achieving personal satisfaction.
  • To attain recognition in the community for the company’s ethics and its employees’ professionalism, through the relationships they develop with people, whose lives and needs are affected by TEMAK’s activities.
About Temak
Total Solutions

Total Solutions

In TEMAK we study, design, manufacture, install and support water treatment systems and solutions from water mains, surface water, sea and brackish water, drilling and recycling water.

We undertake the protection of steam and cooling piping systems from scaling, corrosion, microbial contamination, etc. using appropriate and high-quality chemical additives and we supply the market with all the necessary materials in the field of steam-water-fluid control equipment.

All of our clients receive the same service that is characterized by respect and responsibility. Focusing on the absolute customer’s satisfaction and achieving their own goals, we offer the solution that meets their real needs


Our Team

Our philosophy and results are based on our engineers, technicians and administrators, who:

  • Are continuously educated and trained on the latest technology developments.
  • Are working under professional conditions, encouraging the development of their skills and professional progress.

We are proud to claim that we are not just trained and well-performing individuals, but rather A TEAM OF SPECIALISTS continuously striving to produce the authentic Greek expertise.


Our Team


TEMAK provides a full range of products and services that fully meet the needs of our customers concerning Water Treatment, Fluid Control Equipment and Chemical Additives.

In Water Treatment we implement projects using methods such as filtration, softening, desalination, deionization, reverse osmosis, disinfection (chlorination – Ozone – UV), dosing and control water treatment systems, chemical additives, etc.

We supply items for Fluid Control Equipment, such as industrial valves, automation systems, steam network components and heat exchangers.

The use of chemical additives is essential for the smooth operation of cooling towers, boilers and reverse osmosis units, contributing to high efficiency, safety and economy.

After over forty years of operation and focused expertise in the water treatment industry, we are the ideal partner that successfully responds to all challenges.



The conquest of a leading position in the Water Treatment Sector in Greece and our rich portfolio of distinguished projects was the trigger to start our export activity in 2005.

Very quickly our reputation was spread worldwide, on the one hand due to our high level of expertise and experience, on the other hand due to our professionalism and consistency in delivering all the projects which we successfully undertake on the agreed time, meeting all the required specifications.

Moreover, with our strong competitive advantage, we have the great ability to respond to different geomorphological or other features applicable in the countries where we operate.

We have so far installed water treatment plants in more than 26 countries with a production capacity of more than 750,000 cubic meters of water per day.

Intense export activity has been developed in Europe (in Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Russia,) in Africa (in Nigeria, Djibouti) and in Middle Eastern countries (in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia), while our partners are expanding in countries in North Africa (Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia), the Persian Gulf (Qatar, Kuwait, Oman), the Maldives and Mauritius.



The core of TEMAK’s philosophy is to have and maintain a completely satisfied customer. To achieve this target, TEMAK focuses on investing in continuous improvement of technology, facilities and human services . . .



We implement internationally recognized management systems, which are related to quality, environment, health and safety.

  • Quality control (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Environmental management (ISO 14001:2015)
  • Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001:2018)
  • Study, design, production, installation, trading and technical support of water treatment systems for hemodialysis(ISO13485_EN)
  • Energy Management Systems – Requirements with Guidance for Use (ISO 50001:2018)


At TEMAK we adopt and maintain faithful business excellence models that are applied in all our activities which lead us to excellent performance, pioneering solutions and high quality. TEMAK has already been distinguished in international and domestic competitions with the following awards . . .

Growth Strategy

Growth Strategy

Facing the challenges and opportunities.

After almost four decades of continuous growth and development, TEMAK faces the challenges of the future with the most optimistic outlook. Its history, philosophy, personnel, expertise and know-how, point to the best prospects for the years to come.

TEMAK has every prerequisite not only to keep and improve its leading position in the Greek Market, but to lead the way in its market both in Greece and abroad. TEMAK contributes to the improvement of quality of life, securing a clean environment through the continuous improvement of its products, services and its manufacturing capacity in cooperation with Universities and Scientific Research Centers hence playing a part in the development of the country.

The production and supply, carried out complying with the International Standards of Quality, assured by the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, guarantee its next steps although the best endorsement is the trust and loyalty of our customer.

TEMAK is moving forward, driven by the ambition to dominate in the International Market Place.



TEMAK was established in 1980 and rapidly gained a leading position in the water treatment market, offering solutions and profits to its customers. Our philosophy . . .



We are always interested in passionate and self-driven persons to become members of our team

If you are one of them, please send your C.V