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Hospitals – Clinics

Water treatment in public, private hospitals and clinics is a primary need. Initially, water can be filtered through central turbidity filters, or individually with cartridge or bag filters for various point of use in hospital areas. In addition, the water can be centrally softened or in specific facilities that supply the boiler room, cooling towers, kitchens, washing machines, and the supply of reverse osmosis to produce water for dialysis (if any). In addition, water disinfection can be performed with automatic chlorination systems and ultraviolet devices.


The optimal and safe operation of the steam networks, through the proper design and the appropriate components, is an important factor for the operation of the hospital.

Safety in steam networks and in general in high pressure and high temperature networks is achieved through the offered items of TEMAK, such as valves, pneumatic and electric motors, evaporators, heat exchangers, safety and regulating valves, pressure reducers, thermostatic valves, thermostatic valves and thermostatic valves, controls and automation.