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TEMAK - Proj...

building_bui...Appropriate Water Treatment Solutions mean Efficiency & Economy

TEMAK’s new technologies and innovations lead to the optimum water management and treatment, to protect from salt deposits on hydraulic networks. Our solutions contribute to the reduction of failure and operational cost of a plant, and fighting against bacteria, viruses and fungus that may be present in water, which could be fatal especially in sites where large populations gather consuming water.
«The proper design and selection of water treatment systems and hydraulic equipment ensure high efficiency with Safe and Optimum operation for people and the environment.”

Solutions and applications for the Housing Complexes & Residence sector

Buildings & Residences Softening Reverse Osmosis Filter (Bag – Cartridges) Filters (Turbidity Filter – Activated Carbon) Dosing System – Instruments UV-OZON Chemicals for Boilers Chemicals for Cooling Towers
Residences & Villas * * * * * *
Airports * * * * * *
Swimming Pools * * * *
Buildings * * * * * * *
Schools – Universities – Research Centers * * * * * * *

BUILDINGS_SE...Benefits of working with TEMAK

  • Quality in:

    • Potable water • Design of solution • System manufacture and efficiency • Endurance • Installation and commission • Spare parts availability • Promptness in service

  • Operation and maintenance cost reduction of the plant and equipment, due to the rational management of available and rejected water

  • Minimization of energy consumption and saving on water heating and cooling, longevity of water devices and installations

  • Protection from failures and wear & tear on hydraulic installations, piping, electrical devices, sanitary ware, steam generator resistance heaters, steam boilers, radiators, air conditioning units, hot water boilers, etc

  • Solution study and design according to the real needs of each building

  • Complete preventive maintenance annual plans for the assurance of consumers and buildings

  • Specialized scientific support and service

  • Equipment, consumables and spare parts stock

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Proper Water Treatment Solutions lead to Efficiency & Economy

Water desalination with reverse osmosis method

TEMAK provides complete water solutions for brackish and sea water desalination as a result of its enduring experience, its successful constructions, the large number of satisfied customers and its specialized and perfectly trained staff.
TEMAK’s systems produce water that is of high quality, clean, healthy, potable and generally suitable for any use. Each case is studied and designed separately based on the quality of available water and the desired daily output. Salts, micro-organisms, organic substances, odors, chlorine, particles, ammonia and other harmful elements are removed from water.
TEMAK Water Treatment Systems are complete, portable, reliable and easy to install, state-of-the-art, equipped and tested.


Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System 30 m3 /day

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis System 700 m3 /day

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis System 350 m3 /day

Filtration for Water Supply Systems

The filtration method removes suspended solids and other pollutants. TEMAK’s automatic pressure and rapid sand filtration systems offer an instant solution to the issues of water turbidity and removal of iron, manganese, organic matter.
Types for all hourly water supplies are available.


Bag Filters

Cartridge Filters

Rapid Sand F...

Rapid Sand Filtration

Automatic Chlorination Systems – Disinfection

TEMAK offers total water disinfection solutions from automatic chlorination systems to ultraviolet (UV) radiation devices. TEMAK’s automatic chlorination systems ensure the complete disinfection of water supply network, potable water tanks and swimming pools, through controlled chlorine dosing but also continuous water quality control before water is led to consumption.
The ultraviolet radiation devices are used for water disinfection through the inactivation/destruction of present pathogens, to inhibit their growth during distribution of water to the final consumer.

Metering Controllers & Dosing Pumps

Ultra Violet Disinfection


TEMAK’s softening systems remove total water hardness (calcium and magnesium salts) providing “soft” water, protecting hydraulic installations, water supply network, steam and refrigerant circuits from calcium carbonate deposits.
A complete range of automatic softeners is available for any water supply.


Hydraulic Equipment

TEMAK is specialized in selecting and implementing various components of a network, while at the same time has developed partnerships with the most important international brands for import and distribution in the Greek market.
• Butterfly valves
• Ball valves
• Non-return valves
• Electric motors
• Air motors

Valves with Pneumatic & Electrical Motors

Chemical Additives

TEMAK, having the knowledge and experience, supplies the appropriate chemicals, which are necessary for the chemical treatment of boiler and cooling systems.