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Army – Air Force – Navy

Army, Air Force and Navy are places where many people live and gather every day. Therefore, the need for general use water and water for human consumption is necessary. Especially in areas where water is limited, for example in remote camps, water treatment is a necessary solution, as it contributes to their smooth operation, upgrades quality of life and reduces operating costs. At the same time, the use of excellent water quality reduces damages to:
  • Plumning,
  • Piping,
  • Electrical appliances,
  • Sanitary ware,
  • Resistances in water heaters
  • Radiators, and
  • Hot water boilers.
TEMAK, as a company with many years of experience in design and manufacturing of water treatment systems, provides the best solutions to the needs of each camp. The offered solutions of TEMAK Company include, among others:
  • Brackish and Sea water desalination plants
  • Portable desalination plants
  • Filtration units
  • Chlorination-disinfection
  • Hydraulic equipment