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Closed Open Recirculating Cooling Systems Chemicals

Closed Open ...Water treatment in closed open recirculating cooling systems is a common practice in order to reduce the problems related to water quality.
  • Hard deposits (scaling) mainly on heat exchangers, due to water hardness and concentration due to water evaporation
  • Microorganisms growth (algae, fungi, etc), mainly on surface exposed to sunlight, leading to deposition, fouling and corrosion problems.
  In order to reduce these problems TEMAK SA offers a complete programme of special blends :
  • C-FINE 1009. Chemical additive with antiscaling and dispersing properties.
  • C-FINE 2008. Chemical additive with antiscaling, anticorrosion and dispersing properties. The product is suitable for corrosion control in closed recirculating systems for cold or hot water.
  • C-FINE 3001. Wide spectrum biocide, non-oxidizing.
  • C-FINE 3003. Wide spectrum biocide, non-oxidizing, suitable to prevent of legionella pneumophila.
  • C-FINE 2020. Anti-corrosion Chemical Additive for Closed Circuit Recirculation Systems
  Additional information can be found in the following bulletins :  


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