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Containerized Plants


All TEMAK water treatment systems can be delivered completely pre-fabricated hydraulically tested, in one or more containers, depending on the size and nature of the water treatment plant. The container becomes in essence the room for the water treatment plant and comes standard with ventilation & lighting. Depending on the requirements of the end-user (based on site temperature and noise regulations) the container may come with the following options:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound proof
  • Air conditioning

Containerize...The main advantages of a containerized system are :

  • Mobility – The containerized water treatment system may be used to treat water at different locations as it can be easily allocated to another area.
  • Reduction of civil work – Will not require a room or space for the system.
  • Fast implementation – The system is readily fabricated and tested – “Turn-key” plugs and play.

The advanced thermal insulation and the air-conditioning units can keep the internal environment suitable for water treatment, both for very hot and cold external environments.

All TEMAK containers are highly ergonomically due to the design by means of 3D Computer Aided Design software prior to construction, allowing for the ease of movement and access to equipment within the container.

TEMAK SA has excellent experience, having executed a lot of successful projects in containers, both in the Greek and the International market.