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Automatic deionizers up to 1,5 m3/h, Series AUTO


Auto Deionizers (water demineralizers) are used to remove dissolved salts from the water and to produce the so-called demineralized water. This is achieved by passing the water through two ion-exchange resin beds. When the unit is exhausted, it’s regenerated with hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide.

The product water from automatic deionizers – free of salts – complies with worldwide standards and does not cause salt scalings.  Therefore, the entire equipment that uses this water is protected.



  • Applicable to the pharmaceutical industry, the electronics industry, hospitals, power stations, ect.
  • Demineralized water with extremely low salt content
  • Any application which requires demineralized water


  • Fully automated operation / possibility for manual regeneration according to the user’s will, by pressing a button
  • Safe low-voltage control for 24V supply
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Minimum maintenance cost
  • The resin tank is made from reinforced fiber-glass, thus it has a high endurance against corrosion
  • Electronic control panel with an integrated conductivity meter with optical and acoustic alarm signal when the conductivity reaches the preset high limit
  • Automatic regeneration after manual initiation
Model Flow rate m3/h Basic capacity m3f0H Regenerant consumption (KW)
30% HCL litres 30% NaOH litres
AUTO 40 1.5 140 10 8
AUTO 60 1.5 200 15 13
AUTO 80 1.5 320 26 23

Series AUTO deionizers can offered in four different configurations


  • Basic (simple) deionizer
  • Additional electromagnetic valve in outlet pipe
  • Additional recirculating pump (recirculation of outlet water to inlet pipe)
  • Additional electromagnetic valve in outlet pipe plus recirculation pump