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President’s Message


Should we take it for granted?

Water, along with air and sun, is the key factor in life.

The human body is made up of 70% of water and it can survive only a few days without it.

Τherefore, water, and particularly drinking water, is absolutely necessary for the present and the future of mankind.
It is broadly known that ¾ of the surface of the earth is covered by water (seas, rivers, frosts, etc.). The amount of the total water on earth is estimated to be about 1400 million cubic meters.

From the above quantity of water, only 0.03% (420.000 cubic kilometers) is directly exploitable surface water (lakes and rivers).The rest quantity is sea water, frost and underground water.

Moreover, only a few areas on planet have access in the 0.03% of directly directly exploitable water.The rest areas either do not have water, or have little or infected.

Therefore, in many regions of earth, in Greek islands and in the regions of mainland Greece, there is a strong demand of high quality water.
The solution to this request is given by applying water technology methods and processes (desalination, filtration, etc.) to available water (seawater, lakes, rivers and groundwater).

The product water can be used for every need (drinking, irrigation, industry, etc.)

This is exactly our job at TEMAK:

We take advantage of the abundant water of nature and provide the required water of excellent quality.