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The core of TEMAK’s philosophy is to have and maintain a completely satisfied customer. To achieve this target, TEMAK focuses on investing in continuous improvement of technology, facilities and human services.

Premises – Infrastructure

Since 1992 TEMAK has established its self-owned modern premises 5.000 m2 in Athens and 2.600 m2 in North Greece, including Head Offices, Sales and Technical Department, Construction, Service and Warehouse Facilities and Seminar rooms.The show room in Athens where the customers can view products and be guided by experienced personnel, is the window to the success and achievement of TEMAK. Infrastructure facilities also include:

  • Real time Logistic Warehouse Systems for the Sales Department and the Warehouse.
  • State-of-the-art computer systems (ERP, CRM).
  • Chemical and testing laboratories for the quality control of the products.
  • Manufacturing equipment for the Construction department.
  • Mobile units fully equipped for customers service on site.

TEMAK considers top priority the prompt execution of orders and the rapid response to service calls. For this reason it maintains a fleet of mobile service trucks to cover on-site response to the customers’ needs.

Human Resources

“Our staff is our most valuable asset” ”, bearing this in TEMAK is always striving to improve working conditions for tis employees and secure their continuous training and education on every new breakthrough.

TEMAK’s wokforce is more than 70 employees, engineers (40%), technicians (40%) and administrative personnel (20%). More than 60% of them hold a University degree and the rest are Middle and Upper Education graduates with a long duration in the job and a lot of experience in their field. In addition, TEMAK maintains a constant cooperation with specialists, technical, legal and business consultants in Greece and the international marketplace.