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Pure Potable Water

TEMAK SA offers solutions ensuring the supply of pure potable water, protecting the health of its customers. Pure potable water (salts within the limits of current legislation, odorless, good taste, clarity) in addition to being safe has the desired organoleptic characteristics. In addition, pure potable water protects the plumbing in any application.

ΤΕΜΑΚ Water ...

ΤΕΜΑΚ Water Kiosks

ΤΕΜΑΚ Water Kiosk is a new technology autonomous system designed and manufactured according to the water to be treated.  Water Kiosk includes solutions individually or in combination for disinfection, filtration to remove suspensions, iron, manganese, organic load, heavy metal removal, desalination by reverse osmosis, systems for post treatment, storage, disinfection and automatic system of disposal of pure potable water etc and carry all those elements that make them safe in relation to the consumer, the staff and the environment.

In ΤΕΜΑΚ Water Kiosk treatment is done in brackish water that comes from the boreholes of the island or the network of each area. The ΤΕΜΑΚ Water Kiosk systems are constructed and ready for operation, ergonomically installed in a metal hut specially shaped externally depending on its installation area.

Giving priority to the needs and requirements of the citizens, TEMAK SA enables all residents, visitors and all neighborhoods of each area to be supplied with a symbolic cost of Potable Water directly from the mobile kiosks, reducing the burden of the environment from plastic bottles.