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Mar 22, 2021

We celebrate World Water Day and we offer a FREE CONSULTING STUDY

In 1992, the United Nations established World Water Day to highlight the importance of this precious commodity for the present and the future of humanity.

TEMAK, which is an internationally awarded Greek Water Treatment Company, is purely the only and has been offering INTERGRATED SOLUTIONS since 1980 in Greece and in 28 countries worldwide.

Faithful to our vision and mission, we develop and apply innovative water treatment technologies, ensuring water of high quality with respect for Human Values, the Natural Environment and the Water Balance.

We believe and support with our work what the UN stands for:

  • There is no time to loose. Climate change affects the water cycle in nature, having a direct impact on both the quantity of water resources available and the quality of water. For this reason, the IMMEDIATE action by each country is an absolute necessity.
  • THE EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT of water resources can contribute to tackling the consequences of climate change and the smooth adaptation to it.
  • Given that the challenges of climate change are constantly growing, we also need to continuously seek and implement more efficient and smart ways to manage water resources.
  • We can all contribute to saving the water which is valuable for our lives, consciously avoiding its waste in our daily lives.

We kindly invite you to browse the pages of our new website which presents in detail not only our services and products but also our projects and our facilities.