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Focus on Customer needs – Respect the environment

TEMAK’s successful history is based on an integrated approach, a “total quality concept” concerning our relations with customers, our personnel, our partners and the environment.

For the Customers

TEMAK’s competitive advantage is achieved by careful approach towards each specific customer’s requirement. The optimal solution is designed from the very beginning based exclusively on the customer’s requirements and capabilities.

Each solution is executed on a highly professional basis, at all stages: Design, manufacturing, installation and after sales support.

Last, but not least, high quality services are provided, regardless of the project size.

Based on these principles, qualified TEMAK team study, design, manufacture, install and support the proper solution that fits exactly in each specific application. Besides our technical know-how, our every day close contact and service provision to the Market is a major point of our success. This provides the basis of our performance and with this we gain our customer trust, due to our accurate identification of customer needs and the swift provision of the best solution.

For our Personnel

TEMAK philosophy is to achieve the best possible Market records depending on a team of engineers and technicians and technicians who:

  • Are continuously educated and trained on every advance in technology.
  • Are working under professional circumstances encouraging development of their skills and progress.

We are proud to claim that we are not just a team of trained and well-performing individuals, but a team of specialists continuously striving to improve our capability of offering locally the best know-how in the progress of mankind.

For the Environment

TEMAK’s presence and activities are greatly contributing to:

  • Innovative solutions to utilize natural resources in a way that minimize any unnecessary waste and are sustainable and environment friendly.
  • Application of international regulations and strict control of their implementation.
  • A further improvement of specifications, thus developing new quality standards.

In order to realize this philosophy and principles of operation, TEMAK invests on significant resources, new technologies and infrastructure facilities. Furthermore, TEMAK cooperates with some of the most advanced international companies and centers of innovations, thus rapidly incorporating and upgrading any new improvement to our technology and know-how.