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Humanitarian aid to Lebanon

Sep 24, 2021

At TEMAK S.A., Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our contribution to society. After forty years of operation and focused know-how in the water treatment industry, we are the ideal partner that successfully responds to all challenges.
Following the explosion that hit the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020 and its devastating consequences in terms of human losses, as well as incalculable material and environmental damage, Greece, in response to the Lebanese authorities’ request for assistance, decided to stand in solidarity with the Lebanese people and continue to provide humanitarian aid to the country.
The Greek government has planned to send humanitarian aid to the people of Lebanon for the second ten days of September. Temak, responding to the call for help, contributed by sending 15 systems of reverse osmosis of drinking water, which it delivered with the wish to cover even a percentage of the needs of the suffering people.