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Quality Policy

The policy that management has set out and which is the basis of the Quality Management System is summarized in the following:

TEMAK’s primary objective is to provide products that meet the needs and expectations of its customers and their growing demands, with the same consistency throughout

In an effort to measure the outcome of the company’s ongoing effort with objective indicators and obtain a powerful tool in order to help prevent errors and increase quality and productivity, the Company studied and installed a Quality Management System in accordance with the International Standard ELOT EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 (regarding Water Treatment Systems for the production and dilution of hemodialysis solutions).

The overall responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the Quality Management System, as well as its continuous improvement in order to respond to the Quality Policy is assigned to the Management Systems Administrator, who also undertakes the relevant responsibilities.

The Management is committed to support the Management Systems Administrator with all the necessary tools and resources so that the Quality Management System operates efficiently and fulfills its purpose in the Study, Design, Development, Production, Storage, Sales, Installation and Support of the Water Treatment Systems, Chemical Products and Industrial Equipment according to ISO 9001 and in Design, Production, Transportation, Technical Support and Installation of Water Treatment Systems for the production and dilution of Hemodialysis solutions according to ISO 13485.

While pursuing its objectives, the Company is committed to:
• Use modern technology methods for the manufacturing of its products and provision of its services.
• Monitor and comply fully with the legislative and regulatory requirements
• Identify immediately any case of Non-Compliance and take corrective actions
• Provide the necessary means and knowledge to all its staff
• Cultivate a spirit of cooperation and communication
• Increase Social and Environmental Consciousness

• Sensitization and alertness to health and safety matters throughout all its areas of activity
• Manage threats and opportunities
• Meet the expectations of the stakeholders
• Continuous improvements in all sectors

Each employee, based on the training and the means at his disposal, should follow the Quality Management System’s procedures and contribute to its continuous establishment and improvement.