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Policy for Occupational Health & Safety

TEMAK is committed to continuously improve its performance regarding occupational health and safety for all its activities. TEMAK has set a target to mitigate any hazard related to health and safety of its employees, suppliers, clients and visitors in order to achieve its target:

                                                                                          ‘’ZERO ACCIDENTS’’

TEMAK has adapted a clear and comprehensive policy and has established an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, under the international standard ISO 45001 that fulfills the expectations of all stakeholders. The principles of the policy are:
• Conducting assessment of occupational hazards and updating it in case of changes in activities, facilities, equipment or manpower.
• Full compliance with the current legislation on health and safety at work and any other relevant regulation
• Preventive and corrective action plans, procedures and instructions, where necessary, to ensure the minimization or elimination of risks.
• Inform, raise awareness and train the personnel in occupational health and safety, with the aim to eliminate incidents at work.
• Transparent communication on matters related to health and safety.
• Systematic monitoring of performance and compliance with procedures and regulations by internal or external audits.
• The consistent consultation of the management with all the employees.
• The strict inspection of the subcontractors in order to ensure they meet all the requirements of Health & Safety at work.
• The review of the Health & Safety Policy on a regular basis and its availability to the public.

Occupational Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility and our commitment will ensure the continuous improvement of our performance.