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Environmental Policy

TEMAK S.A – administration and personnel – are committed to the continuous effort of satisfying their clients’ increasing demands while improving the environmental performance of the company throughout the entire range of action in the field of study, design, development, production, stock center, sales, installation and support of water treatment systems, chemical products and industrial equipment.

All the staff must follow and contribute to the continuous consolidation and improvement of the Environmental management system procedures, exploiting the training and tools they are offered aiming to the environmental protection.

More specifically, our company commits to the following:

  • To comply with the current environmental legislation and regulations
  • To acknowledge the environmental impact of its actions and control any serious environmental effects
  • To establish and review its environmental objectives and targets, taking into account important environmental parameters, technological developments, economic and operational requirements
  • To manage the waste in accordance with the current environmental legislation and notify its suppliers about these requirements
  • To act promptly aiming to the prevention of any risk of accidental pollution or other major accidents
  • To activate backup plans of immediate action and intervention in case of an emergency
  • To encourage the personnel and the suppliers to comply to all basic environmental legislation
  • To properly manage environmental risks by applying preventive measurements and their systematic monitoring, analysis and evaluation
  • To manage threats and opportunities connected to all environmental aspects
  • To consistently train the personnel, affecting the Environmental Management System, in environmental issues and corresponding responsibilities
  • To take into account the principles of sustainable development
  • To aim to create and maintain a relationship of trust with the local community and to provide the public with environmental information
  • To meet the expectations of all parties concerned
  • To frequently review and adjust its environmental policy and make it publicly available.